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About Meta Storytelling



I’m the resident podcaster at Meta Storytelling. I am also a storyteller, comedian, and storytelling coach and workshop leader. I have created this site and podcast as a free resource for people who would like to tell their stories in front of others. Storytelling is the oldest form of art and performance that ever was. Thanks to entities like The Moth and many others, storytelling is finding its way into today’s mainstream. Storytelling audiences are huge and growing.

I believe one key reason for the popularity of storytelling is authenticity. We live in a world full of fast-paced, formulaic entertainment where raw human emotion is often sanitized in order to appeal to the broadest possible audience. A single person telling a true story about themselves can move us so deeply it changes our life. Storytelling can help people—both tellers and listeners—recover or heal from personal challenges. It can make us laugh with the unique joy and relief that come from being reminded that even in our darkest moments we are not alone.

Another thing makes storytelling so popular is that anybody can tell a story. No training is needed. When watching storytelling events, many people are pondering telling a story themselves. Some expert suggestions for good storytelling can be helpful, but the only must-have is the courage to get up and tell your story. I run a free monthly storytelling workshop in Seattle based on this premise, and I’m always blown away by the amazing stories new people bring.

I’ll be adding more resources here over time. If storytelling interests you, I hope you enjoy this site.

Bill Bernat

Becoming More Less Crazy

Fri 3/23 6p, Sat 3/24 2p, Thu 3/29 7pm, Sat 4/1 7:15p

Featuring: Bill Bernat Directred by: Harry Turpin

The Eclectic Theater 1214 10th Ave, Seattle (Capitol Hill) 206-384-2930

Ridiculously Dark Comedy

Bill shines a playful comedic light on drug addiction, overeating, suicide attempts, bipolarity and social anxiety in his odyssey to living well.