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Wolfe Maycut is a producer at A Guide to visitors (AGTV), a curated Storytelling Even in Seattle that has been featured on NPR. The show goes up regularly at the Theater Off Jackson and you can get more information at agtv.org.

In the first episode of this three-part podcast series, he explains his personal cardinal rule of storytelling. Then he goes on to share tips on how to hook listeners, and what to leave out of your story when editing.

Part 1 of 3


Part 2 of 3

Coming Soon!

Part 3 of 3

Coming Soon!


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Becoming More Less Crazy

Fri 3/23 6p, Sat 3/24 2p, Thu 3/29 7pm, Sat 4/1 7:15p.
Featuring: Bill Bernat Directred by: Harry Turpin
The Eclectic Theater 1214 10th Ave Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ridiculously Dark Comedy
Bill shines a playful comedic light on drug addiction, overeating, suicide attempts, bipolarity and social anxiety in his odyssey to living well.